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I believe getting involved and representing people has to come with the right level of service. There is no point entering public life if you are not prepared to work at it.

When the residents of Mile End and Braiswick chose to elect me in 2008 , I promised to:-

  • Fight to slow down the over development of North Colchester
  • Campaign for better roads and transport links
  • Protect our green space to keep it safe for future generations
  • Work to improve the quality of life for everyone
  • Get existing and new communities working together
  • To give an initial answer to your question within 24 hours via email or telephone
  • To ensure all case work is dealt with respectfully, professionally and honestly
  • That more importantly you are kept informed of the progress and outcome at all times, so you are always the first to know
  • I shall try to be helpful even though I may not be able always to solve your problems

We have many opportunties ahead of us and I plan to be at the forefront of leading the protection of North Colchester.

You will be able to judge me on my successes in 2012 when I am back up for election.

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